Private Event FAQ

We offer 2 types of events at the shop: Private Classes or Mix and Mingle

Private Classes
Types of Class
You can choose from a list of any of the classes we have done in the past. As with all our events we are open to new ideas and flexible with the ones we currently have. If there is something you would like to change or a different event you would like to see please let us know.

Price for admission is approximately $45 per person. This price can change with additions or other specifications from you. The minimum attendees we will need to host a private class is 14, with the maximum being 34. We will need 24 hours advance notice as to the number of guests. This number will be your final count, what we prep for, and what you will be required to pay for at the end of the evening. We would be happy to set-up a private link, if you would like for your fellow classmates to pay for their seats individually. The class fee covers the first 2 hours. There is a $50 per half hour room charge after the first 2 hours.

For more information, a list of classes, or to find out about availability call 214-219-1300 or send an email.

Mix and Mingle
Room Fees
There is a $300 room fee for under 25 people. The room fee is $400 for 25 people and up. There is a $50 per half hour room charge after the first 2 hours.

How it Works
We will put out cheese, charcuterie and accompaniments of your choosing or make selections with guidelines from you. We will pour wine/beer of your choosing or make selections with guidelines from you. We can add anything we carry in the shop to your selections.

Per Person Cost
There is a $15 per person minimum spend and a minimum of 14 people with a maximum of 50 people. This amounts includes anything we serve you and your guests. Rarely does what is poured and served exceed this per person amount.

Outside Food and Drink
You may bring/cater in outside food (i.e. cakes, petit fours, appetizers, etc.). You will also need to bring serving items (e.g. plates, napkins) You may bring/cater in outside drink (i.e. sodas, water, juices). We have limited cold storage and heating elements in the shop. Please make sure to check that we will be able to accommodate your needs. You may not bring alcohol from outside the shop.

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