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Scardello is a cut-to-order cheese shop focused on handcrafted cheeses and tasty accompaniments. We have about 150 handmade American, Texas and European cheeses.

At Scardello, we embrace our role as “Cheese Enthusiasts” by sharing our excitement with our guests. Scardello provides high quality, artisan products and accepts a responsibility to our world, our community, our guests and each other.

The Ultimate Test – Taste!

What does that taste like? The only way to answer the question is to give it a try. Everyone enjoys different flavors, which is why everything in the case is available to taste. We want our guests to end their visit with a smile and the confidence that anything purchased is exceptional. So do what we do, put it to the ultimate test – your taste!

La Famiglia


Scardello is named after my grandfather, Peter Scardello, who taught me a love for great food. From the Italian tradition, he also taught me the importance of sharing food with friends and family. As a child, my favorite part of the meal was sitting around the table for hours listening to all of the stories. Growing up in a small Texas town, cooking was not something a lot of men did. My grandfather was the exception. While my grandmother was a great cook, it was always Papa’s kitchen.

papa-and-meI have cooked large, multi-course meals for friends and family for years. I found that cheese is a great way to start a meal, but an even greater indulgence at the end of the evening. It extends the meal and allows for more relaxation and conversation.

After spending 15 years in video production telling the stories of our clients, I now get to focus that story-telling energy on all of the fantastic cheeses we carry and the artisans who make them. So, please stop by and say “hello”!

Rich and Karen Rogers

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    The holidays are just around the corner! Cheese is starting to fly out of the case and our Cheese Enthusiasts are putting together Scardello Gift Boxes and Cheese Trays as fast as cheesemongerly possible! Above are a couple of the incredible holiday ads produced by our friends at Eisenberg and Associates. They are talented folks […]
    Emmentaler is the best known “Swiss cheese” throughout the world, which is why it is often simply called “Swiss.” The large holes and the size of the cheeses are other features which have contributed to Emmentaler’s worldwide reputation. Up until the 19th century, Emmentaler was traditionally made in small village dairies in Emmental using only raw […]
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