Shipping FAQ

Cheese is Alive!

We are a “cut to order” cheese shop, meaning we slice the perfect piece for you when you order it. That means you’ll be getting the freshest pieces of cheese mailed directly to you. To keep them fresher longer, we also protect your slices by wrapping them in magical “cheese paper” from our friends over at Formaticum. HERE is a link to learn more. We also hook you up with a sturdy box, some insulation and some ice packs.

The Shipping Crew.

We offer two shipping options on our website, FedEx and USPS. While FedEx is more expensive, they will guarantee delivery. USPS, on the other hand, will save you some cheddar but is not guaranteed.

If you happen to live in Oklahoma or Texas, you’ll receive packages via Lone Star. They’re a pretty sweet overnight delivery service that can get it to you for a flat fee of $15 per shipment.

We do have a few claims and exceptions concerning shipments, outlined below:

Something just doesn’t seem right here…

Upon getting your package we highly suggest you open it up and take a look. If something looks wrong, like you received an empty box with a hole in the bottom (it has happened) take a photo and send it over to cheeseclub@scardellocheeseDOTcom within 2 hours and we’ll put our best guys on it.


That being said, we don’t assume responsibility for the following:

Incorrect Addresses! It happens, I know. Just make sure we get all the right info.

Unopened Shipments! We make sure that PERISHABLE is written on the box, along with some other cheese related verbiage.

No One’s Home! You’re a sweetheart for sending a gift, but make sure the Smiths are back from Bermuda before scheduling the delivery. If they come home to a box full of cheese that’s been sitting on their porch for a week… they’re gonna be a little confused and bummed out when they open it.

Acts of God! Weather. Like a snowstorm in Atlanta.


Cheese Club Members!

We package and ship out to our club members in the middle of each month, on or right after the 15th. To be sort of exact it’ll be the first Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after or on the 15th.

The Smith’s invited us to Bermuda and we won’t be in town. Not a problem, just let us know (cheeseclub@scardellocheeseDOTcom) you want to skip a month. This means we’ll make sure your cheese goes to a worthy home and it won’t count against the monthly tally.

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